16th December 1941, Tuesday

by shrowl

Enemy landed at North Point under smoke screen from burning A.P.C. oil tank.

Up till time of evacuation of A.R.P. school Happy Valley my work consisted of getting stores out to divisions, shifting stores from Khasal Diwan<1> to [Morrison] Hill Road school, shifting stores from A.R.P. school to Gap Road school, evacuating stores from Govt Store North Point, collecting Kerosene from [godowns] + distributing it to Report Centres etc.,  arranging lorries + coolies for distribution of sand for sand bagging etc., etc. [Chan] Tai Kwong + Fung Kai Lam both useless in dead [funk] but a lot of help received from Wong Sze Chuen + Chowla (Hq Indian telephonist).

<1 Presumably Khalsa Diwan>