23rd December 1941, Tuesday

by shrowl

Ordered to evacuate A.R.P. school at 7am.

Japs in upper part of valley.

I was told in tunnel not to go out that morning. Eastern Report Centre removed back to No 2 Police station and in the evening evacuated from there to Northcote College.

Repulse Bay surrendered at 4pm (A. L. Shields spokesman). I conducted a “suicide squad” to A.R.P. school at dusk and rescued 10 drums chloride of lime, some camp beds and various other s<1> .

Squad consisted of Cole who drove lorry + myself, + Murphy who went in car to Gap Road school. We dumped the chloride at the Supreme Court on return and had drinks with Sir Atholl Macgregor + party.

<1 There is some damage to the outer margin of the page with this entry. Other words have been recovered with confidence but one word starting with “s” is mainly lost. It might have been “stuff”.>