5th January 1942, Monday

by shrowl

All British, American + Dutch subjects ordered to register at Murray Parade Ground.

A.R.P. agreed to undertake this registration but owing to lack of organisation on the part of the Japanese, registration was called off as a complete failure. A,R,P. went back to Tai Koon, where we had to double up + sleep two in a bed, as about 200 more persons were sent there. All British, American + Dutch subjects , with the exception of those on medical work + some who would not register + remained on the Peak, were interned in five Chinese hotels in the town.

From this date we were not allowed out. Rations of rice, meat, fish + firewood were sent in by Japanese in very inadequate quantities + these were suplemented to a certain extent with tinned goods. The Medical Dept were able to send us small quantities of bread, which averaged at about one slice per person per day. many rumours of our being moved  to a permanent internment camp were current but did not materialise until 21/1/42.